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R & D innovation

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Over the years, the company has been focusing on and deeply engaged in the research and development of surface treatment materials. It has a research and development center of nearly 1000 square meters, equipped with advanced instruments and equipment, and an experienced professional R & D team (2 masters and 8 undergraduates). It actively cooperates with Changzhou University, Nanjing University of science and technology and Wuhan University to meet the personalized needs of the market and customers, develop and design advantageous products, and continuously update the products.

The company has applied for four national invention patents and actively cooperated with major automobile main engine manufacturers to develop more products suitable for actual production needs. At present, zinc plating and zinc nickel alloy series products have obtained Volkswagen certification.

The galvanizing process is certified by Volkswagen


The zinc nickel alloy process is certified by Volkswagen


The company has nearly 300 square meters of advanced laboratory;

The laboratory is equipped with advanced testing instruments:

● X-ray thickness gauge; ● AA atomic absorption spectrometer;

● UV spectrophotometer; ● precision salt spray tester;

● conventional analytical instruments.

We conduct strict testing on all raw materials and ex factory products to ensure that chemicals are provided to customers.